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Frequently Asked Questions




What kind of mileage will I run at camp?


Pace and distance for runs and workouts are based on the campers' experience, ability and fitness when they arrive to camp.  During registration you will give us information about your summer running, number of years competing and current predicted 5k pace.  Groups are determined on pace and movement between groups is flexible as campers adjust to camp running.


What if I have a food allergy?


The kitchen staff at Portsmouth Abbey are well equipped to deal with any dietary needs or restrictions.  Campers with specific requirements will work directly with the kitchen to accommodate their needs. Please email your dietary needs to


What should I bring to Camp?


We recommend campers bring 2 pairs of training shoes to camp in the event of rain. The week ends with a 5k "Tempo Effort" for which training shoes or spikes is appropriate depending on the preference of the camper. All other information on what to bring is available on the Camp Checklist.


When should I arrive to camp and expect to leave?


Registration occurs on the first day of camp in the Winter Garden at Portsmouth Abbey from Noon to 3PM.  Campers can arrive, check in and get settled in their dorms during this time.  Camp ends at the close of the final assembly on the last day of camp.  Campers clean out their dorms at 10:30AM and are free to leave once their room is checked by the floor counselor.



Do I have to register online?


While online registration is available for your convenience, we are still happy to accept paper registration and payment by check.  The registration form can be found at the Registration tab above.

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